Opinion is not fact

Many folks think they know something.
Some presume to know a lot.
They are quick to offer their opinion.
They are quick to tell you what.

One notable bit of wisdom, however,
Their prattle always lacks,
One tidbit of data they choose to ignore;
Opinion is not fact.

That does not stop their tongues
From flapping in the wind.
A surfeit of misinformation 
From a bottomless pit of spin,
Spews out conviction after conviction,
Allowing no truth to rein it in.

Eventually, when the voice of God 
Attempts to reveal what they don’t understand, 
They reject the revelations from above,
And accept the foolishness of Man.

Their pious words ring out,
Like bells without a clapper.                                                        
Their politics are hollow sounds,
Rapacious echoes of endless clatter.

Idle talk in bars and parlors,
Resonates in callow ears.
Propaganda is a bias prelude,
That crescendos into fears.

It is written “the pen is mightier than the sword”.
We are certain that words do matter.
So, if you know not what you do not know,
Please, spare us the vanity of your chatter.


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