This is Blabberjam. It is an oeuvre of chatter, blabber, poetry, art, grindstone fragments, resumes, a novel in progress, and the opportunity for you to blabber back. As for me, I am but a micro voice expressing myself from the cyber wilderness. These pages are somewhat like scientists projecting data into the cosmos and hoping to be heard or to maybe receive a reply. Blabberjam is homemade.

My name is Mark. I was once told that I am a talented underachiever. I doubt that she meant that I am talented at underachieving, rather that I am talented but an underachiever. (Somewhat the same concept, really). I have sold a few paintings in my time, and submitted many artistic endeavors and writings to be sold or published, and have received many rejections. I prefer not to measure achievement by rapacious, capitalistic standards; by a hostile competitive nature, material possessions and mammon.  By those standards I certainly have not achieved great things. I have been a worker bee and have taken care of myself my entire adult life.  For that effort I have a mortgage, my integrity and a bucket full of memories. By my definition achievement is peace of mind, well being and freedom from emotional time travel into the past or future. I  tend to seek a more harmonious, fluid way of life; follow the path of least resistance, as does water, though I admit that I struggle at times to apply that philosophy to my daily routine. I can be creatively idealistic or responsibly objective, depending upon the circumstances.

I believe in universal Love and Kindness, the attenuation of ego, diminution of rampant human proliferation, and in the love and care of the planet Earth and all creatures living here. Likewise, I have a profound affection for the angels of Love and kindness that have existed and do exist among us.  My deepest faith is linked to the spirit of the Sacred Heart, the Son of Man and his teachings. One Love.

Portrait from Days Gone By

This being said – and hoping that I am not just spinning my wheels imagining that someone will view my site – here are some of my stories.

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