Rainy Day Dreams

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2 Responses to Rainy Day Dreams

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Mark. I don’t get to your website often enough but always enjoy the tranquil time I spend in your creative space. I especially relate to this one here, Rainy Day Dreams. You can’t tell if that’s tears in her eyes or just the rain….or both. Still I can relate. Also it instantly struck me that this woman looks a great deal like one of my favorite actors, Eva Green. Such a strikingly beautiful woman with great acting chops. Cheers!

    • Mark Fought says:

      Thank you Linda. The lady in the picture is my mother, from a sepia photo taken many years ago at the home of Emerson Burkhart, a prominent artist friend of hers. My mother was very creative and I think that she would enjoy this rendition of her. I don’t believe she had tears in her eyes, rather, that she was posing for a portrait at the time. I was a baby then, however, and don’t really know the back story… hence, I was free to create my version.

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