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I mean, at my age, who needs the grief.

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13 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Linda says:

    Reading your superb memoir, “Preserving Pappy”, made me laugh and cry, brood and cerebrate on these timeless matters of fate and family, but mostly it made me wish that I was as good a writer as you. Your ingenious use of words and uniquely created phrases were such a thrill to encounter and digest. Although your ending tried to distant your life and talents from your Pappy, you are clearly cut from the same cloth. I’m so glad I read this remarkable story. Not only was it entertaining but now I feel like I know you and your sweet, artistic Pappy more intrinsically and intimately…and that is an extraordinary gift, my friend. Cheers!

  2. rascalstew1 says:

    I’ve passed here a few times and finally stopped. I am Stephanie, an old friend to Glen Case and Ken Gray. I think I rode to Canada with you and a few other folks. I actually got to live on the sailboat for 3 years. I enjoyed your poetry and other writing. I write poetry, and other things. Interesting how we have turned out. Glad to see you are well.

    • Mark Fought says:

      Hello Stephanie.
      Many moons have passed since those days, and my memory does not serve me as well as I would, at times, wish it would. I do recall a couple living on a sail boat around Vancouver Island. Perhaps that was you? Anyway, it is good to hear from you, and we should stay in touch. Do you have a WEB site, or are you on FB? I would like to read some of your writings. Where do you live now?
      Stay well,

  3. Linda says:

    I love the poem, The Gateman. I’m a Taoist and this poem speaks the way of the Tao, to live and let live, to follow and accept the natural rhythms of life without question. I am dealing with these issues now. We don’t always get what we want – hardly ever. But to end each day in peace we must accept and roll with what life hands us without anger or bitterness. I just have one question about the line that ends “Love Devine”. What do you mean by Devine? Is that just a misspelling? Anyway, thanks for the poems. You are a very, very talented wordsmith. Keep up the good work.

    • Mark Fought says:

      Hello Linda,
      Thank you for pointing out the misspelling. I have corrected it. Also, thank you for the compliment on my poetry. I don’t get much traffic on my site. I create because I am impelled to do so, but I am lazy about promoting my work. I expect that it will all fade an oblivious mist some fateful day.
      I hope that you will visit more often. Peace be with you.

      • Jonathan says:

        Hey, hey, hey…you have visitors.

        But I must say, I thought it was something else before commenting.

        That’s excellent, Mark!

        At least you have something to evaporate.

      • Linda says:

        Hi Mark. I’m here again reading your poetry. I love your art, as well, but you know written words are a source of great joy and inspiration for me. I love all your poetry and am awestruck by how talented a poet you are. The only problem I have with your poems is that they often make me think melancholy thoughts. Ha Ha. Keep up the good work. BTW, I am slow and lazy about promoting my work, too. I know I’m a good writer but I can’t even get agents to read my work…they just say, “not interested”. I will persevere, but you are right, our art will fade into an oblivious mist someday and we will never be heard from again. Peace and love. Linda

      • Mark Fought says:

        Thanks for you complimentary words, Linda. I appreciate your visiting my site. It gets rather lonely floating about in cyber space quite
        by itself. 🙂 Stay well and happy, my friend!

  4. Jonathan says:

    You’re looking good, Marcus Aurelius! Hopefully all’s well! /// For some reason, I’m thinking of an Aspen Hummer and a Lemon Drop.

    Funny, Aspen Hummers were on my mind in the last comment as well.

    I need to pay you two a visit.

  5. Darcy says:

    Fun stuff!

  6. Jonathan King says:

    Hopefully this finds all is well, Marcus Aurelius!
    What I wouldn’t do for an Aspen Hummer!
    I was forced on Linkedin today and it has me out saying hello, after too long of a break.
    It’s great to see that you found a niche in student services! I don’t have to worry about you any more.
    The Pappy story was enjoyable, to say the least.
    Anyway, please drop me a line so I can get your email address without going the social media route. Though it’d do me good to communicate a little.
    (jwking6 at the google place.)

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