Yawn -New year, another day.

Lazy Day

Lazy day, you’ve overcome me.
You’ve dulled every point
I’d intended to make,
And undermined the erudite gems
of wisdom I’d hoped to convey.

Now, in your subtle way,
You grin at me.
You sharpen your wit and poke me awake
with reminders that I am not the only fool
with something cool to say.

Your tranquil whisper flows by in a breeze;
“we are only deep when our consciousness sleeps…
close your eyes, it’s a lazy day.”

(c) Mark Fought




It’s very easy to live a foolish life.
It’s quite simple to close ones eyes.
Perhaps it’s natural to live half alive,
Squandering years chasing butterflies.
It was a fantasy world where love was sex,
Where only the myth was Divine.
It was a delusional place where money was wealth,
Where the golden calf was blind.
It was a span of obtuse spiritual grasp,
Where prayers were supplications of secular paradigm.
It was an illusional space of blank design,
Where I imagined all the colors were mine.
Time is defined by the beginning to the end,
Alpha to Omega, dust to dust.
At some point on the mandala one must eventually depend
On something more benevolent than us to trust.
And so I face the reflection of a foolish life
Having never caught the illusive butterfly.
Yet, I do have a little time left, Rocinante and me,
To charge windmills that go ’round and ’round,
‘Round and ’round, ’round and ’round eternally.
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A wise little possum, indeed!

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Happy New Year

New Year Card…

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Card

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Eternal Love

Love – Divine Love – is a gift from God.  It is the essence of God.  I find it ironic that the greatest gift from “above” seems to incessantly rise from the bottom up within the human experience more often than it flows from the top down.  We are born of the Light of Eternal Love; we must be taught rapacious behavior.

It defies spiritual gravity that those who have so much are able to give so little.  Now, I am not talking about the gravitational pull of bills and coins, rather, Love.  While it is true that wealthy  philanthropists give funds to help those in need, it is not  likely that it is done out of the shear goodness of their heart. Perhaps they are motivated by tax exemptions, egotistical expressions of how good they will appear to be, or guilt, but if they really cared they would probably not be so wealthy in the first place. Accumulation of wealth is more often achieved by windfall luck, inheritance, or aggressive, avaricious business techniques. Love has little or nothing to do with financial gain.  It would be “easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle…”.

If the opulent understood Love – genuine Love, not lust – then it is likely that they would have been more compassionate on their way up, and consequently not have escalated so far.  I suppose that it is easier to climb to pecuniary heights if one does not help others on the way. To share and share alike takes time and becomes cumbersome and heavy.  Those ahead in the climb are rarely willing to give one a hand if they perceive to be weighted down by compassion toward others. A monetary hierarchy cannot exist without it’s various levels.  This is an ageless human characteristic that seems embedded in our genomes, and not likely to change.  Not until we elevate Love above the status of money.

“You cannot serve God and mammon.”


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If Love was money there would be an astounding redistribution of wealth in this world.





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