About Bob

Bob… Bob the Cat.  That’s me.  I’m an opinionated, cantankerous tomcat that recently passed over the rainbow bridge, much to my peeps dismay.  Birth, life, death… it is a long, engaging story upon which I will elucidate as this Blog develops.  Now that I have passed on I am compelled to share my story and my personal perspectives.  I mean,  “Merrrow mew raoow meow, mew raaaaaooow meoooow!”

Well, that will obviously not do, since this Blog is being written to humans, an egotistical species that imagines themselves superior to the other critters on Earth.  Even dogs know better than that.  So, peeps… you have thumbs…big deal… you can build the Earth into oblivion.  You have big brains and little minds.  If I had thumbs I would disassemble your mindless expansions and reclaim the Earth… well, except that I’m now only a spirit medium.  So, I’ve chosen to tell my cat tales through my main peep, Mark.  True, he is a humanoid, but he is very susceptible to furry critters, especially cats, and I am able to manipulate him, even now.  You might say that his cat has his tongue.

This is a photo of Mark and me, taken when he was  still my pet.  Oh, he looks a little different now… no whiskers (not sure why)… more gray fur, of which, as a gray cat, I quite approve.

Otherwise, any further information about me I will be revealing throughout the course of these dialogues.  I have created a Dialogue page for your responses… and as long as the replies remain dignified.  Dignity is important to cats, you see.

~ Bob