1974 Mossman Tennessee Flattop, made in 1974 and I am the original owner. It was made in the original factory in Winfield, KS, before the fire. With hard shell case. I am the first and only owner of this guitar. 
I will be 73 in November, and do not play this guitar any more. It would be nice to get it into the hands of someone can appreciate it.

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Below is an example of this guitar, 1976 model, at guitar center. I have seen this guitar valued, probably more accurately, at 1600. I am not asking near that for mine. (Make me an offer). The action on mine is a little high, but it is a good guitar for a country picker. It has the initials of everyone who built it in Winfield KS.

Ibanez AG95,acquired about 10-11 years ago. With hard shell case.
She needs new strings and a set-up, but, a decent guitar.

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Fender Champion 300 amp

BOSS RC20XL Loop Station XL Twin Pedal