I was looking through a box of photos today,
Pictures from our back pages.
Faded snap shots from days gone by,
When we were amateurs, and ageless.

We were fearless.
We were naive.
We were more undaunted
Than we were meek.
We were curious.
There was much to do,
Many places to go,
Much to see.
We had the stamina,
And restless feet.

Side by side we wandered out,
Two lovers into a spinning world.
Side by side, we leaned on
Each other if we were frightened.
Each, the other, was our stalwart
One another, both as one.
Onward through the years we maneuvered,
Together through success and failure.
Through each adventure we ventured on.

I was looking through a box of photos today.
Time is only measured by our age.
The love and fellowship in our hearts remains,
Side by side; Side by side unchanged.

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