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Memes. Here a meme, there a meme, everywhere a meme. I would venture to say that even Old McDonald has modernized his farm from here a duck, there a duck, here a cow, there a cow, here a pig, there a pig, here a farm animal, there a farm animal, to include social media buzz… and I don’t mean here a bee, there a bee, everywhere a bee. What I am saying is that memes are becoming ubiquitous. What in the mind of humanity is happening to the conjoint intellect of the human species? For example:

I am a cat, and I categorically meow that Cats (or farm animals) do not require such preposterous evasions from thought. A short Meorrrrow and we’ve said our piece; or a lengthy discussion replete with cognitive meows and ruminations – between naps, of course – benefits the cat community considerably more than a silly picture with a tag line that rarely parallels the pic.

It is alarming to see how these memes reel in the human psyche with only the absurd for bait. Humanity, hungry for something to believe in, snaps at these lures of misinformation, insufficient data, or feel good mantras like koi at feeding time.  Humans are gullible. Here a gullible, there a gullible, everywhere a gullible.

Oh… one other thing.  There are countless memes across social media about cats. I find these to be generally true.  Especially this:







~ Bob

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